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Microdose Drops™ (case of 10)-Delta 9


Product Details

“Perfect Doses of Delta-9-THC”

Organic, real fruit infused, sublingual hard candies containing a Balanced-Spectrum™ of hemp-derived cannabinoids & terpenes, proprietarily formulated by Lumi Labs to deliver entry-level doses of (the classic) Delta-9-THC.

Display Cases of 10 x Tins of Microdose Drops™

5 x Consumer Guide Books (4″ x 4″ soft-touch)

Each Tin Contains:

10 x Microdose Drops™

300mg (Cannabinoids & Terpenes)

Wild Berry 🫐🍓

*All cannabinoids within Microdose are derived from legal, US grown hemp.

*Contains less than 0.3% hemp-derived THC.

*All Lumi Labs products are 3rd Party Tested.

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Almost all hemp products focus exclusively on the effects of CBD with limited attention on harnessing the full power of cannabinoids & terpenes.

Microdose is different.

Microdose contains the one & only Balanced-Spectrum™ hemp oil, proprietarily formulated by Lumi Labs to deliver the classic effects & benefits of Delta-9-THC (as well as CBD, CBG, & terpenes), without the fear of getting you ‘too high’ from just ‘1’ micro-dose.

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Delta-9-THC vs. Delta-8-THC

Delta-9-THC is rarer, stronger per mg, & far more euphoric than Delta-8-THC… Giving your customers benefits & effects like nothing else in the legal hemp market.

D8 is good for it’s own reasons but doesn’t come close to producing the smiles or effects of the classic D9.

D8 is produced in abundance as it is chemically manufactured through the alteration of other cannabinoids…

Delta-8-THC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid that’s not naturally occurring within raw hemp or cannabis.

Delta-9-THC on the other hand is the naturally occurring, classic cannabinoid that made cannabis (and soon to be hemp / Microdose™) so popular.

Is hemp-derived D9 inferior to cannabis-derived D9?

No. There’s absolutely zero difference between a particular cannabinoid being derived from ‘cannabis’ or ‘industrial-hemp’. The only difference is the governing definition of the source*.

Something to consider…

As of 2020 there’re many companies offering D8 which in some ways is causing regulatory concerns since it’s a semi-synthetic cannabinoid and not naturally occurring within hemp or cannabis and has no regulation based around percentages permitted for use in hemp products.

*All cannabinoids & terpenes found within all Microdose & Lumi Labs products are 100% derived from industrial hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC

If all products contain less than 0.3%… How’s ‘Balanced-Spectrum’ different from ‘full-spectrum’?  

Our Balanced-Spectrum™ used within Microdose Drops™ has been proprietarily formulated and is very different from other ‘full-spectrum’ products that also contain less than 0.3% because it contains a specific ‘balance’ of various terpenes & cannabinoids which are emulsified in a manner that increases bioavailability and effects. Virtually all full-spectrum hemp products contain less than 1/4mg THC per dose while Microdose Drops™ contains 3mg THC per dose (3,000mg drop)… While also having specific amounts of CBD, CBG, & other trace cannabinoids and terpenes so the classic effects of Delta-9-THC can really stand out and not be drowned by the overuse of CBD or any other cannabinoid… Creating a unique experience that goes far beyond the standard entourage effect.

We created Microdose Drops™ so you could have an experience that’s not simply THC, but an experience that allows you to try “effective, entry-level doses of THC”, without having the fear of getting ‘too high’ from just ‘ 1 ’ micro-dose.

Finally, no other hemp product we know of contains 3mg of Delta-9-THC per dose.

What about products with more milligrams… Aren’t those stronger?

Not all cannabinoids are created equal. ‘Total cannabinoids’ is NOT an accurate method of comparing products, considering product efficacy, and/or value as it does not include key considerations, such as proprietary extraction methods and formulations developed through organic chemistry practices… e.g. terpene infusions, emulsifications, bioavailability, cannabinoid types (as they greatly differ in dosage and effects), and ration balancing which are all major considerations of cannabinoid product efficacy.

Balanced-Spectrum infographic website image transparent copy.png

Is Microdose™ legal?

The 2018 farm bill permits up to 0.3% THC that is derived from hemp.

Microdose Drops™ contains 3mg of hemp-derived Delta-9-THC within every 3,000mg (3g) piece… This equates to only 0.1% THC which is what Microdose Drops™ test at.

(each piece contains a total of 30mg of cannabinoids & terpenes)

All of our COAs can be found online at… MicrodoseDrops.com/coas and on every product via the QR code.

Furthermore, all of our hemp is federally legal, licensed, and considered ‘industrial hemp’ by governing definition.

Given the above, we believe everyone deserves access to Delta-9-THC and that it’s our duty to deliver it to those seeking a more profound hemp experience.