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Rainbow Kush Indica Delta 8 Disposable


Rainbow Kush (Indica Dominant) by The Tiny Dancer furnishes your taste buds with mouth watering Strawberry, Blue-Raz, and Limoncello flavors with hints of sugary Rainbow Candy. This evenly balanced hybrid strain of delta 8 emerged from the fusion of Dancehall and Blueberry cannabis varietals. Rainbow Kush’s spicy-sweet and slightly fruity sensation gives users a nice full body creative high without feeling too heavy. Some users report tasting the colorful tropical flavors similar to a Starburst. A must try strain for recreational consumers looking for a moderate high while still feeling active, without having an extended couch lock experience.

Each disposable pen contains 300 puffs per charge and is filled with over 850mg of Delta 8 oil rich in cannabinoids. If you run out of battery, simply plug in the device and wait for happiness to return!


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