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Tiny Twistz Hybrid Delta 8 Disposable


Tiny Twistz (Hybrid) by The Tiny Dancer involves a complex jam-packed experience exploding with terpenes offering a bright citrus flavor sensation. A bright blend reminding consumers of candy citrus that leaves you with a little Tangerine after tastes after a sizable exhale. Those looking for a pure Hybrid encounter with sweet citrus candy flavor terpenes will be pleasantly surprised by the network of complex tangy flavoring. For a simply unique sensation to relish in while maintaining a sharp mind, Tiny Twistz provides a much needed high for those looking to either relax or enjoy the social scene.

Each disposable pen contains 300 puffs per charge and is filled with over 850mg of Delta 8 oil rich in cannabinoids. If you run out of battery, simply plug in the device and wait for happiness to return!

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