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Tropical Cough Sativa Delta 8 Disposable


Tropical Cough (Sativa Dominant) by The Tiny Dancer is a sweet blend lavishly bursting with  fruity aromas. Fruity aromas and flavors you’ll instantly notice include sweet candy lemon, strawberry, other berries, and pineapple. The tropical terpenes flavoring this engaging strain of delta 8 THC achieves a moderately high delightful happy sensation with an uplifting stimulation. An inspiring option for delta 8 consumers who are looking for an energetic, creative, and juicy experience. A divine daytime strain with a slight euphoric buzz living up to its impressive name.

Each disposable pen contains 300 puffs per charge and is filled with over 850mg of Delta 8 oil rich in cannabinoids. If you run out of battery, simply plug in the device and wait for happiness to return!

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